Top Gun and Shakespeare? Thou speak’st aright. Our New York-based ensemble re-imagines the classic Cruise flick in a theatrical parody packed with sword fights, songs and text from every play in Shakespeare’s canon. In this adrenaline-fueled mash-up, we’re going straight to the danger zone.

Misfit Media garnered a few mentions in the media about our latest run of Jester’s Dead, a Shakespearian parody of the legendary film Top Gun. Best New York Comedy writes, “This show begins with a delightful concept…and then executes it with the joyful craft only a sharp, tight theatrical ensemble can create. Everyone in the cast is terrific.”

The 2011 production of Jester’s Dead had a great fall run at the People’s Improv Theatre (PIT) in New York City, receiving praise from, who wrote, “creators Rhett Henckel and Nat McIntyre showcase their ability to harness the language of Shakespeare for new audiences in what they call ‘Shakesparody.’” picked up on the trend as well, writing, “the dialogue is an intricate mash-up of fresh-from-the-film lines and classic iambic pentameter from Shakespeare’s library of plays.”